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6 Advantages to Studying in the United Kingdom

college in the uk study abroad Mar 15, 2018

Have you considered studying abroad?  What if you could study abroad for your entire college experience rather than just one semester?  

There are several advantages to studying in the United Kingdom

  1. Studying in the United Kingdom could be a great way for you to experience another culture for college without worrying about a language barrier.  

  2. The UK has some of the most prestigious universities in the world - Oxford, Cambridge, and Imperial College of London all rank among the top 10 - along with over 160 colleges and universities across the country.  Just like in the U.S., you can find a university that fits your style. 

  3. Earn a bachelor’s degree in 3 years.  You can finish your bachelor’s degree in 3 years (in England, Ireland, and Wales - still 4yrs in Scotland) which means moving on to graduate school or a career sooner than at an American university.  And a 3-year degree means less tuition cost!    
  4. Skip the general education.  There are no general education courses required in the UK system.  You’ll take only the classes you need for the subject you are studying.  This means as a freshman you’ll be studying business, engineering, political science - or whatever you’ve chosen as a major.
  5. Travel opportunities.  The UK can be a great jumping off point to travel to many other places in Europe and beyond.  You can fly from London to 10 other European capital cities in under 2 hours.  What a great way to spend some of your school breaks -  exploring other countries, cultures, and languages!
  6. No additional cost. UK accepts the same Stafford loan colleges in the US accept. You could actually pay less to go to school in the UK than staying home and attending a high-cost school in an expensive area of the U.S.  International Student Loan has a list of colleges in the UK eligible for Stafford loans. 

Explore United Kingdom schools through the Educate in UK website. Make notes in your GuidedPath account.

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