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We offer one-on-one private sessions with students and their parents for college planning and financial aid services with the purchase of a College Admissions Club membership. We offer 4 levels of membership to suit the needs of every college bound family with students in grades 8 through 12.

Time is not on your side when it comes to college planning and many families wait until the last minute to begin planning for life after high school. By committing to the educational planning process early, a student can increase the likelihood of being accepted into a college, increase their chances of receiving a scholarships, and reduce the stress on everyone in the family. As a Amazon best-selling author, and Certified College Planning Specialist, Ryan Clark serves as a coach, mentor, advisor, and friend as I guide families in finding the "right school, at the most affordable price."  

To find out more details regarding our college planning services, parents may schedule a free 30 minute strategy session. If you want a more personalized approach, families may attend an initial consultation that serves as an introduction to the college planning process. We prefer for parents to attend all the meetings for college planning in order for everyone to get the most out of the process.

Starting as early as eighth grade through the end of junior year, we help students in five areas: maintaining good grades in a difficult degree of curriculum, planning and preparing for standardized tests, designating and understanding their college major, developing a college list, and keeping track of extra-curricular activities for resume building. 

As for senior year, there is a lot more to do. Ryan and his staff will provide guidance as: 

  • August: Student complete admission applications to the colleges on their list. 
  • October: Parents complete financial aid applications.
  • November: Student fill out scholarship applications.  
  • March/April: Families determine the net out-of-pocket costs at each university at which the student was accepted.
  • May: Student make their final decision regarding which college they will attend.

In addition to creating crucial timelines, we offer personalized coaching and, discusses important issues regarding college, such as establishing realistic expectations and much more.

Student Services Include:

Assistance with... 

  • High school course selection
  • Advice on SAT/ACT testing 
  • Maintaining a good GPA
  • Selecting a major
  • Compiling a list of colleges
  • Keeping a resume
  • Admission applications
  • Scholarship searches and applications
  • Interview tips
  • Essay Strategies

Parent Services Include:

Assistance with...

 Developing personalized strategies to reduce the Expected Family Contribution (EFC)

  • Completing state financial aid forms
  • Checking the accuracy of your Student Aid Report (SAR)
  • Evaluating financial aid award letters
  • Negotiating a better financial aid package


Free Strategy Session or Introductory Consultation?

We want your student to become a member of the Clark College Consulting family.  If you need assistance to help determine which membership level works best for you, you may schedule a free 30 minute strategy session so you can talk with Ryan to create a results-driven, common sense college bound strategy for your student.  

Details about our Graduation Club Memberships:

  • Contracts expire one year from sale date.
  • Contracts auto renew annually unless we receive 30 days written notice of non-renewal.
  • Monthly auto pay is by credit card only.  
  • Cash or checks accepted for full payment option.
  • You may change membership levels at the end of each contract year with 30 days prior written notice.
  • No suspension of membership auto pay for any reason, such as summer breaks or sports seasons.
  • You make your own appointments online using our appointment scheduling software.
  • Unused hours expire at the end of each contract year.
  • $50 early termination fee if contract is cancelled within the first 90 days.
  • We recommend that parents attend appointments with their students.  
  • We can make arrangements to accommodate divorced parents.
  • The memberships will receive their applicable discount on my books and services: online courses, test prep, scholarship interviewing, study skills or life coaching.  

Free Strategy Session or Introductory Consultation?

We want your student to become a member of the Clark College Consulting family. If you need assistance to help determine which membership level works best for you, you may schedule a free 30 minute strategy session so you can talk with Ryan to create a results-driven, common sense college bound strategy for your student.

What is college consulting?

Few decisions in your child's life will have a great of an impact as their choice of college and how much you spend on their college education.  With four-year graduation rates close to 23% and transfer rates close to 60%, a poor match can literally cost you tens of thousands of dollars.  College planning and college admissions can be a complex, competitive, and complicated process with over 3500 colleges and universities in the United States.  Just getting admitted to many of these institutions has grown increasingly selective.  Moreover, the cost of higher education has skyrocketed, rising more than fives times the rate of inflation during the last ten years. I help with all facets of the application process, including essays, recommendations, school selection, and financial aid.

What does an educational consultant do? 

An educational consultant facilitates and clarifies the college application process for students and their families. Consultants utilize their years of experience, extensive training, and substantial research to help their clients find colleges & universities that will best fit their sociall, academically, and financially.  They will also consider the studetns personality, needs, and learning style. Personalized attention and TLC that I give to my students is unrivaled.  With the cost of college increasing over 440% over the last 20 years, I also aid in the strategies to help reduce the cost of college and pay for college without taking on student loans. College consultants assist students in transitioning from high school to the post secondary opportunity of their choosing..

Why choose Clark College Consulting? 

  • 24-7 access to a college planning tool and organizational tools. Students can explore colleges, register for tests, track applications, email their adviser and keep organized all from one place.
  • No travel time for meetings: While the majority of our students come from North and South Carolina, I have worked with students in almost all 50 states via telephone, Skype, and Zoom. Many of my clients that live down the street from my office prefer to meet virtually, and we have designed our business to give us the flexibility to work with you without leaving your home.
  • Personal coaching by a top college adviser. I help guide students and parents efficiently through the college planning process.
  • Organized and Stress-Free: Calendars, reports, and emails are used to help keep students on top of deadlines. I help students pace the process to ease the stress of the college application process. Students receive my book, "College Entrance Game Plan" for organizing their college process.
  • Distinguished Expertise: As an Amazon best-selling author of two college planning books and with over fourteen years of experience, I am committed to staying on the cutting edge of college counseling trends by visiting colleges and attending conferences. I am also a member of several professional organizations.

FREE Coaching Session/Q &A

Please complete the Student/Parent Information form below so we can talk about which package would fit your needs and schedule an initial consultation.

A la Carte Services: 

I also offer college planning services on an hourly basis for students grades 8 through 12.  I help students with college planning on an as needed basis at $250 per hour to meet privately with non-member students.  I highly recommend joining the Graduation Club to get the best possible service for your college bound student.

Students who elect hourly guidance have the option to attend any workshops or special events that are open to the public.  Workshops and special events are priced separately but are included in the Graduation Club memberships.

Here is a sampling of the services offered:

  • Course selection (particularly relevant if a student is changing schools)
  • Assessments (colleges, careers, college majors)
  • Specialized college major research
  • Campus visit planning and recommendations
  • Application strategy tools – consultation on extracurricular activities – evaluation and recommendations
  • Brainstorming/discussing major project ideas
  • Preparation of a comprehensive “Brag Sheet”
  • Internship search and recommendations, access to database
  • Summer enrichment opportunities search and recommendations, access to database
  • Strategy for requesting Letters of Recommendation
  • Strategy for “Demonstration of Interest”
  • Essay Brainstorming
  • Essay Editing
  • Application Review
  • Interview preparation
  • Merit-based and need-based scholarship search
  • Scholarship essay brainstorming and review
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FREE Coaching Session/Q &A

Please complete the Student/Parent Information form below so we can talk about which package would fit your needs and schedule an initial consultation.


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