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- Overwhelmed and don't know how to help your child? 

- Want an easy way to take the stress out of college planning? 

- Need a step-by-step process to guide your teen by a proven professional?

- Want to save your sanity and hundreds of hours of your time? 

Then get started with our College Admissions Club today because space is limited and filling up fast!

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Are you feeling uneasy about standing out, and what steps need to be taken to be admitted into College?

YES, Join the College Admissions Club!

The college application process gets more complicated and competitive! 

  • Learn what it takes to stand out in such a crowded application pool.
  • Get accepted into your dream school.
  • Learn strategies on the new testing policies, how to write & polish your essays, and highlight your strengths on your application on college.


Are you ready to...

STOP feeling overwhelmed and freaking out!


STOP feeling like you don't know how to help your teen. 
START enjoying your child's senior year.
READY to find your teen's ideal college fit with little stress?
YES! I am ready to join the College Admissions Club

These are just some of the tools, resources, and support you'll get once you enroll in College Admissions Club


Meetings with Ryan

As a member of the College Admissions Club, you and your child get to speak directly with Ryan and his experienced team. Essay coaching and professional essay review plus a review of 3 supplemental essays.  In addition to the group coaching classes, your teen will receive 3 hours of private coaching with Ryan and/or one of his team members.

SAT/ACT & Career Aptitude Testing Adviser

Answer all your questions on a standardized test. Your teen will have a career aptitude test for a career path. Get your questions answered by a professional tutor and instructor and even get a free ACT/SAT practice test to determine which test you should take.

Access to Resources & Tools

Your teen will have a unique action plan that will enable them to finish their applications before the ED/EA deadlines. Accountability will be provided to make sure they stay on track, and they will have access to all the tools they require to create a strong application.


Virtual Group Meetings

You will enter the online space where we have all of our group meetings. All aspects of the college application will be covered. Each class will end with a specific assignment for the students to complete. They will also have time to ask any questions they may have. Incapable of attending? No prob. You can submit questions in advance, and all sessions are recorded.

Professional Essay Assistance

A team of writers, editors, and coaches will give you detailed feedback, nearly an hour of a coach's time per review. Ensure your writing is compelling, engaging, and well-structured. You will also have an access to a management app where you can outline your essay, resume creation, and activities list. We'll provide as much support as you need before submitting your applications. 

College Admissions Club Vault

You get access to the College Admissions Club Vault which includes video training, guest experts, worksheets, tips, and resources to guide you through college admissions and beyond. This is a treasure chest of information that will allow your teen to be successful on their journey.


College Management System

Your child will have access to a system designed to manage their college application experience. They will be informed of their possibility of being accepted, their personal deadline, and each deadline set by their college. Also, have the ability to evaluate financial packages.

College Aid Site

Compare schools, financial aid packages, and the hidden intricacies of the college financial landscape. Learn how to negotiate and never pay full tuition.


Scholarship Database

Unlock $5.1 billion worth of scholarships. This comprehensive database is updated regularly to ensure that you have access to the most current scholarship offerings. for higher education.



How do we meet with Ryan and his Team?

  • Onboarding- Each family will have a one-to-one meeting to set the expectations and walk through the college management system. In addition, we answer questions, review the calendar of events, and show you all resources.
  • Video Training Modules- Can't remember everything we discuss during the Onboarding? No worries, Ryan will provide short video lessons on how to use the programs and websites.  He will also provide training for every step of the college planning process.
  • One-on-one sessions- Each student will have three personal sessions in which Ryan will coach them privately. They can ask questions regarding their college application, review essays, and help with college planning assignments given by Ryan. His calendar will allow everyone to see with dates and times so they can conveniently schedule the sessions.
  • Group sessions- Each meeting will be an hour or more, depending on the complexity of the topic, participation, and questions received. Families will receive over 20 group meetings throughout the year, and you will be notified of all scheduled meeting dates and times once enrolled in the program. If you or your teen cannot join the group session, they can submit questions in advance, and we will discuss them during the sessions. Ryan records all group sessions for those who cannot attend.
  • Office hours- In addition to the group and one-to-one meetings, students can connect with Ryan within office hours virtually. Students can use these sessions to ask questions, finish their assignments, and get additional assistance. 
  • Program Starting Date- The program will start twice a year (March and Aug) and end in May of the following year.  This year-long coaching is the best way to impact our students' lives.  If you join before the official start times, that is OK. We will have monthly meetings before the start dates to coach students and parents on various college topics. We guide our families step-by-step through the entire college planning process so they can get into their first choice college, save hundreds of hours, and enjoy their senior year of high school.

This College Admissions Club Is For You If...

  • You have no time to do college analysis
  • You need help in making the wisest collegial decision
  • You want to work with an experienced team to help you with your application process
  • You want more personal attention with your college application process

You Can Create the Right Path for Your Dream College

Learn the process of college admissions, scholarships, financial aid, essays, and much more!

  • Consistent and engaging group and one-on-one meetings

  • Significantly increase your teen’s chance of admission to dream colleges

  • Building and reviewing applications

  • Unlimited access to college technologies and websites

  • Unlimited access to resources and videos

Yes, It Is Possible!

In The College Admissions Club, you'll be accepted into your first choice college!

Questions? Schedule a NO COST College Strategy Session

College Admissions Club, You Will Complete…

  • A Career Aptitude Test
  • SAT/ACT testing plan (if needed) and all questions answered
  • Letters of Recommendation packet and resume to give to your teachers
  • College list based upon social, academic, and financial fit
  • Maximized your chances of getting scholarship money
  • Review your Common Application, Coalition App, and other applications by a professional
  • College Essay Workshop
  • Guidance on writing the Common Application essay(Personal Statement) and college-specific essays
  • Essays reviewed by professional writers and editors
  • Instructions on completing the FAFSA, CSS Profile, and other financial aid forms 
  • College Interview preparation course
  • Tools and coaching on researching and applying for private scholarships
  • Know how to compare college acceptance letters and financial aid award letters
  • College Decision Party

The right moves can make all the difference. We’ll cover it all in Clark College Consulting.


What Happens When We Join the College Admissions Club?


  • Once you register, you will receive an email with your secure log-in to College Admissions Club Vault and the College Management Portal. These tools will be your go-to portal with all the information you need throughout our sessions.


  • Onboarding- after the registration, you will receive an email with our online calendar to schedule the onboarding meeting with your family:  welcome you to the club, answer questions, review all the tech, and get a better understanding of the program.


  • College application tools- You will have access to all the tools needed for the college application process, online videos, and recorded group meetings. 


  • Me as your partner- I can't wait to have this journey with you.  I'll be in contact with you constantly. My mission is to guide your family through this process while making the experience enjoyable and less stressful.


  • You are in control- I will provide all the necessary resources, lessons, and guidance. You will also have access to my personal calendar to schedule our one-on-one meetings. And for the group meetings, you will have access to the recorded group meetings if you are not available on the date. 

Do you have some questions in mind?


You can schedule a COMPLIMENTARY consultation to learn more about this coaching program.


I'm Ryan Clark


I have extensive experience working with over a thousand families throughout the United States in helping them through the entire college planning process. Ryan visits colleges throughout the year, attends conferences, and stays updated on changes and new strategies in his profession.

I hold an MBA from Queens University in Charlotte and am an alumnus of the United States Merchant Marine Academy. At USMMA, I earned an ABET-accredited Bachelors Degree in Marine Systems Engineering. I am a retired Lieutenant in the U.S. Naval Reserve and have a U.S. Coast Guard License as a Third Asst. Engineer (unlimited tonnage). Before starting Clark College Consulting, I worked for two Fortune 500 Companies, SeaLand and General Electric.

I am a recognized college aid expert, consultant, speaker, best-selling author, and coach. I am frequently interviewed on TV and radio; published in newspapers, magazines, and online. I have seventeen years of experience helping thousands of families obtain a quality college degree for less than they dreamed possible. I will show you how too!

"Ryan is amazing at building rapport with his students, taking things one step at a time, and interpreting a realistic plan for applying to college! Plus such a nice human!"

- Brandi Ledermann

"Ryan is very professional and detail-oriented. He knows the pace we should be moving at in regards to the college application process."

- Kris Siemon

"Ryan was very informative He helped our daughter many times with her different essays and guided her in the correct way. He answered our questions when had questions. He was very flexible with times and worked around our schedules. We would recommend him."

- Susan Connelly

Ryan's students have been accepted to over 1000 different Universities and Colleges


Some of these are...

Value of These Resources if You Purchased Individually


  • Group and One-to-One Meetings with a College Coach: $6,000
  • Personal Essay Workshop and Coach: $1,000
  • Professional Essay Review: $2,000
  • SAT/ACT Testing Adviser: $150
  • Practice SAT/ACT test to determine which is better: $150
  • College Management System: $300
  • College List Building Site: $29
  • College and Financial Aid Site: $250
  • Career Aptitude Test: $60
You get all this for a fraction of the retail price!

Bonus! You'll have access to these programs for free!

$2475 Value


ePrep test prep

  • SAT/ACT test prep- Full Access to the training that will give your student the best information and strategies for test day.
  • Add ons- The additional materials you needed to improve scores and boost confidence on test day! Don't miss out on this BONUS!
  • Access for a year- Your teen can study at their own pace. Use it for multiple test dates! 

Scholarship database & course

  • Database- This comprehensive database of scholarship choices is updated regularly to ensure that you have the most possible access to all of the funding for higher education.
  • Video course & resources- Easy methods to organize and keep track of the scholarships you are applying for or wish to apply for, as well as access to video materials.
  • Internship database- Looking for that perfect summer opportunity to boost your resume check out this resources.

 Total Value: $9,939 + $2,475 = 12,414 


Join the Clark College Admissions Club

College Admissions Club


Five Monthly Payment

  • Group sessions with Ryan Clark
  • 3 personal consultations with Ryan Clark
  • Access to Guidedpath (College Management System)
  • Guest College Essay Writing expert
  • Review of personal college essay
  • Review of a college application, FAFSA, and more!
  • Junior/Senior Timeline- Timely activities, tasks, and assignments aligned with college application.
  • Continued support and follow up once application is submitted

College Admissions Club


One time payment

  • Group sessions with Ryan Clark
  • 3 personal consultations with Ryan Clark
  • Access to Guidedpath (College Management System)
  • Guest College Essay Writing expert
  • Review of personal college essay
  • Review of a college application, FAFSA, and more!
  • Junior/Senior Timeline- Timely activities, tasks, and assignments aligned with college application.
  • Continued support and follow up once application is submitted

COLLEGE ADMISSIONS CLUB is 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE. You will have a full 7 days to review the courses, data, first live training, community, and all of the excellent tools within the Admissions Club. If you are totally confident that this program is not going to be a fit for your family, reach out, show us that you did the work and we will refund your investment.

I guarantee you'll have the resources you need to assist your teen in fulfilling their aspirations. Even when everything around you seems to be falling, you will have a partner in your corner to encourage you, offer knowledgeable counsel, and give you the support you require. There are no promises, but your teen will have everything they need to stand out, get noticed, and find the ideal college fit (the admission counselors or scholarship board make the ultimate selections!).

College Admissions Club

In this coaching program, you will learn some great strategies that will increase your chances of getting accepted into any college.









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