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Please Watch and Listen To Some Of My Clients Success Stories!

"Hannah got scholarship offers from ten universities, like UNC, Wake Forest.. total scholarships totaled over $1 Million."

-Thomas Witner, Parent 
South Mecklenburg High School

"Jack ended up at the college he wanted to be at and got some money from them. With such a huge financial decision, we really wanted some structure and framework around it.  Without the help of Ryan and his team I don't think we would have achieved the results that we ended up achieving...we got $96,000 from Mercer Univ. and $72,000 from Univ. of South Carolina."

-John Noone, Parent 
Retired Teacher


"Clark College Funding saved the day and made all the difference in the world...they gave us tools.. got us organized.. and $35,000 in scholarships!  They can save you time and money"

-Helen Emish, Parent 
Concord High School

"Ryan and associates will walk you through the entire process...Shane was accepted at all six schools. He will leave school with zero student loan debt!"

-Mack McCormick, Parent 
Retired Teacher


"Sometimes I don't listen to you guys (parents), so having someone with a different opinion was nice."

"It was a bargain, as far as I am concerned...9.9 out 10"

-Chiuchiolo Family
Mallard Creek High School

"In the fall I will be attending Wake Forest, where I will be receiving over $200,000 off the cost of attendance..."

-Hannah Witner, Student 
South Mecklenburg High School

"Clark College Funding helped me though the college selection, and application process. I applied to multiple colleges and I was accepted into every one of them.  I was offered over $100,000 in college scholarships."

-Brylan, Student 
Noth Mecklenburg High School


"If I did not work with you, I probably would have gone to the wrong college and received no financial aid."

-Parent & Student (Lani) 
Mt. Pleasant High School


"Thank you for saying all the things we wanted to say.  You are saying all the things Mom and Dad want to.  When you talk, she is going to take that to heart as gospel. But if Mom & Dad says it, it is not worth the words coming out of our mouths."

"High Schools don't supply all the information you do."

-Multiple Parents and Students


"Because I learned the tips and strategies from reading his book, my daughter is able to attend Wake Forest for less than it would cost her to attend UNC Chapel Hill."

-PTSA High School Endorsement

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Tel: 704-944-3543

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