Feeling Overwhelmed & Want More Personal Attention for Your Teen?

Get step-by-step strategies to get your teen into their top colleges and universities.


Did you know that the U.S. Dept. of Education found that the national student-to-school-counselor ratio was 424:1?

Learn how to get the one-on-one coaching your teen needs to get through the competitive and complicated college admissions process. 


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If you've been searching for a college counselor who can take the stress away, you have found it!  

In the Salutatorian Program your teen will:

  • Build a college list that is a good fit for your teen socially, academically, and financially.
  • Get a leg up on the competition by getting insider knowledge.
  • Work with an experienced team of writers and editors that will grab the attention of the colleges.
  • Find a college major that fits your teen's talents and interests.
  • Have their college applications reviewed with a fine tooth comb.
  • Make a wise collegiate decision.
  • Not pay the retail price for college.
  • Get the 1:1 attention they deserve.

Yes, It Really Is Possible!

In Salutatorian Coaching Program, your teen will get the game plan for stress-free college planning.

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In The Next Few Months, Your Teen Could…

  • Enjoy their senior year of high school without the stress of college applications.
  • Have their essays reviewed and ready to be submitted.
  • Applications ready for EA/ED deadlines.

Breaking the work into small, bit-sized action plans can make all the difference. We’ll cover it all in The Salutatorian Coaching Program.


The Salutatorian Coaching Program 

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Are You Ready To Hand Off this College Planning So You Can Relax?

This one-to-one college planning coaching program will hold your teen by the hand and guide them through the college planning process. They'll learn:

  • What colleges don't want them to know and how to use these secrets to get into their first-choice college and save thousands!
  • The simple steps to follow to avoid being overwhelmed and stressed.
  • What to avoid that will save them hundreds of hours.

You will see amazing results with a proven game plan, an experienced college counselor, and the most up-to-date tools.

 Here is what you get in the Salutatorian Coaching Plan: 

 College Coaching:

  • Ten hours with Ryan - Your family gets ten hours of personal one-to-one sessions with experienced college admission and financial aid expert (we recommend at least one consultation per semester).  
  • Professional Essay Review -  Your teen will get five reviews of their Common App Personal Statement and eight total individual reviews of any college-specific essays. We have some of the most experienced and talented editors that know precisely what the colleges are looking for in a college essay. They will help polish your teen's writing, highlight their strengths, and catch the eye of the colleges. 
  • College Essay Workshop - Two hours of guidance from our college essay coach on brainstorming topics and writing the Common Application essay(Personal Statement) and college-specific essays. 
  • Essay Content Website - Brainstorm ideas, develop their topic, outline their essay, create a resume, and write their activities list for the common application. This tool will ensure your teen's writing is compelling, engaging, and well-structured. 
  • Professional Essay Review -  Your teen will get two reviews of their Common App Personal Statement and four total individual reviews of any college-specific essays. We have some of the most experienced and talented editors that know precisely what the colleges are looking for in a college essay. They will help polish your teen's writing, highlight their strengths, and catch the eye of the colleges. 
  • A Career Aptitude Test - Even if students think they already know what they want to do for college and their career, the assessment might present other options that might be even more suitable. 
  • SAT/ACT testing plan - Speak with an SAT/ACT adviser and tutor to get all questions answered about the test. 
  • Letters of Recommendation packet - Your teen will create a LOR packet and resume to give to your teachers to ensure the letters highlight your teen's strengths.
  • College List - Ryan will assist your teen in building the college list based on each child's social, academic, and financial fit. 
  • Scholarship Search - Maximize your teen's chances of getting scholarship money by implementing a college search strategy and applying to the right universities. 
  • College Application Review - Ryan and his team will personally review your teen's applications and show them how to stand out from the crowd. 
  • FAFSA Assistance - Ryan and his team will walk you through how to complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid so you don't make a mistake that could cost you thousands in financial aid. 
  • College Interview Prep -  What to wear, what questions to prepare for, the importance of non-verbal communication, and much more will be discussed to ensure your teen is ready for college or scholarship interviews. 
  • Members-Only Parents Lounge - In this portal, you can connect with others enrolled in the program and get support and guidance from them. You will find like-minded families pulling for each other and assisting one another. 
  • College List Building Tool - This unique resource will introduce students to college characteristics rarely considered yet known to lead to a fulfilling experience. This site helps solidify the most important aspects of their college selection as they build and refine their college list.
  • Action Plan - A step-by-step action plan for your teen's college admissions process will take less time, and they can complete it efficiently. We will stack the cards in your teens' favor so that they will be accepted to their first choice college. They will finish their applications before the ED/EA deadlines.
  • Accountability - Ryan and his team will provide accountability to ensure they stay on track! Each class will end with specific assignments for the students to complete, and the work will be checked and reviewed. 
  • College Management System - Keeps your teen on track and focused. Your teen can research colleges and universities worldwide, plan and manage applications, submit documents, and track results. 
  • Financial Aid Site - Industry-leading website show you solutions to your financial aid questions. Do you want to know how much your total cost of college will be before your teen applies to college? You will be able to compare schools, financial aid packages, and the hidden intricacies of the college financial landscape. 
  • Video Library - 24/7 access to my video library includes training, guest experts, and tips to guide you through college admissions and beyond. This is a treasure chest of information that will allow your teen to be successful on their journey. 
  • Monthly Checklist and Timelines - Proper college planning is achieved by following chronological steps every year. These monthly "to-do lists" are organized to make college planning easy and predictable. This tool breaks up the overwhelming process into smaller steps that reduce stress. 
  • College Decision Party - In May of their senior year, we have a party to celebrate your teen's hard work and success.
  • FREE Client-only workshops & webinars throughout the year (Scholarships, Completing FAFSA, Comparing Award Letters, Essay Writing).

Total Value : Over $15,149

(Don't worry. You won't pay this much. Let's talk to see if the program is right for you). 

This College Coaching Plan Is For You If...

  • Feeling Overwhelmed?
  • No time to do the college analysis?
  • Want more personal attention?
  • Desire to get a leg up on your competition?
  • Unsure of your college major?
  • Want to work with an experienced team of writers to polish your essays?
  • Prefer not to pay the retail price for college?
  • Would you sleep better knowing your child is in a safe collegiate environment?
  • Need help in making the wisest collegial decision?

Ryan Clark, MBA, CCPS

Real Life Experiences Shaped his Career Choice

As the son of a teacher and small business owner, Ryan's parents struggled to pay for their two boys to attend college. Ryan has a family with two children of his own and decided to investigate why attending college had become so expensive and complicated. He discovered that the current strategies about getting into college and receiving financial assistance had changed dramatically over the years. Still, many high schools are perpetuating these outdated strategies. Universities have become much more sophisticated, and the admission process has become more competitive and complicated.

Ryan also found that the options families had to help them with selecting colleges did very little on educating students on how to make this $100,000 decision the right way. Those same options also did not advise families on helping lower the cost or improve how these families pay for college. Ryan became extremely dissatisfied with the current state of college planning and decided to fill this education and coaching gap by founding Clark College Consulting in 2004.

"With the help of Clark College Consulting, our daughter got a full-ride scholarship!"

- Jose Munoz

"We saved over $150,000 in college costs. A huge return on the cost of Ryan's services!"

- Ed Machen

"Hannah got scholarship offers from ten universities, like UNC, Wake Forest.. total scholarships totaled over $1 Million"

- Thomas Witner

The Salutatorian


If you aren’t completely satisfied with the Salutatorian Coaching Program, let us know within the first 14-days for a full refund. No questions asked.

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