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We will be using the very best resources from the most trusted essay experts in the field today!

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We have put together and combined the very best teaching and training techniques of The College Essay Guy, WOW Writing Workshop, PROMPT, and the college planning practices of Ryan Clark, and Dan Bisig to give you everything you need in one convenient spot. We have created one of the easiest step-by-step systems with the combined resources of these experts to help you write an essay that will get you the attention you need to stand out from the rest of the crowd.

Ethan Sawyer: College Essay Guy

The author of the book, "College Essay Essentials: A Step-by-Step Guide to Writing a Successful College Admissions Essay."  Here is what you will get from Ethan: "an efficient, practical process that will help you access your deepest story, recognize new patterns and connections, and generate insights that express how brilliant you are."

WOW Writing Workshop

"They are professional writers and teachers who understand the writing process inside and out." The Wow Method has been used by students to write application essays and resumes.  You will learn the ten-step WOW Method of creating a college essay."


"Prompt is the marriage between MIT-trained engineers and writing professionals.

Our proven system helps you write compelling essays in half the time and connect with top writing professionals. 

We've reviewed over 10,000 college admission essays and found that less than 2% are compelling (ouch). Thankfully, we built tools to help you develop compelling content and structure your thoughts."

Ryan Clark & Dan Bisig

With over 25 years combined experience, Ryan and Dan bring a wealth of knowledge.   Co-Author's of the best selling book, "College Entrance Game Plan" have teamed up again to create this college essay bootcamp.  Our students become wonderful application essay writers, learning writing techniques they can use in college and beyond.

Success Stories

Our students, year after year, get accepted into their top choice colleges, including the Ivies, prestigious liberal arts schools, and the best state universities.

Here’s just a few…

Princeton, Harvard, Duke, Wake Forest, Columbia, Cornell,  Georgetown, Rice, Johns Hopkins, Case Western, Tulane, MIT, University of Michigan, UCLA, Georgia Tech, UC-Berkeley, University of Florida, University of North Carolina, University of Wisconsin, Davidson, Miami of Ohio, Penn State, Notre Dame

Move Your Application To The Top Of The Pile

While grades, test scores, and extracurricular activities are important, a strong essay can make you stand out and get accepted into a top college. We talk to admissions officers all the time and we are going to pass on to you what we found out.

Content Strategy Deep Dives

Essay Advice From The Admission Office

How To Write A Great Body

A Little Nervous About Your College Essay?

Not sure how to structure your essay to get noticed? It is okay to be nervous, but you came to the right place. We have you covered!

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