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Why Should You Hire a College Consultant?


$1.56 trillion


$128,000 loss

Total Outstanding Student Loan Debt in the U.S.

*Forbes 2020

Four-year graduation rate for public colleges and universities.

*US Department of Education

Savings & income lost for an extra year of college.


Charlotte Independent Educational Consultant

Clark College Consulting is one of the leading educational and career counseling centers in the greater Charlotte, N.C. area. Ryan works with families in-person and virtually throughout North & South Carolina.

There are 1 thousand college planning decisions to make.  I have helped a thousand families make them. 
I vow to save you time, money, and your sanity, too!

Follow along as I help families navigate this often confusing and stressful time. Be sure to sign up for a free consultation so we can start to create your college entrance game plan!


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Independent Educational Consultant, Ryan Clark, is your perfect high school advisor

Ryan, who lives in Charlotte, NC, is recognized as a college planning expert, consultant, best settling author, and speaker.  He has over 17 yrs. of experience, the highest ratings, and is a member of many professional organizations.  Ryan currently sits on the NCAG Advisory Board, is a best selling author, a Certified College Plannings Specialist, and holds an MBA. Below are just a few of his affiliations and credentials:


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What makes Clark College Consulting Different from other College admission consultants? 

College planners and guidance counselors tend to focus only on helping students select and apply to colleges, but tend not to assist families with ways to reduce the cost of college, discuss college loan options, or the best ways to pay for college.  A financial planner and CPA focus on showing you ways to grow your income, reduce your tax burden, and to create wealth.  Typically, a CPA  nor a financial planner is trained in helping you figure out how to select colleges that meet your budget or lowering the cost of college.  

I fill that gap in your planning, and I believe proper college planning starts with the:

College Success Formula (CSF) = Academic + Social + Financial Fit

I help families in identifying a personalized college list that matches the student's academic promise, social perspective, as well as the family's savings and college budget. My objective is to guide you through the entire college planning process of selecting, applying, and paying for college, and potentially make it a financial "non-event" for your family.

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Do students in the greater Charlotte area and the Carolinas find success using Clark College Consulting? 

I spend time helping my students:

  • Polish their essays
  • Review & edit college applications
  • Practice interviewing
  • Highlight a student's talents and abilities
  • Develop a college entrance game plan 
  • Be an advocate for my families
  • Create a high school class road map
  • Decide on ACT/SAT testing schedule
  • Assist with FAFSA and CSS Profile Forms
  • Review Financial Aid Award letters
  • Scholarship search
  • And much more

In fact, last year, I helped over 60 seniors get accepted into some of the finest institutions of higher learning, and they received over $5 million in scholarships and grants! 

How does educational consulting and college career consulting work ?

Many families may feel the need for a more personalized approach to their college search, the application process, financial aid, and paying for college. 

I have the gratification of working with a small number of families each year, so I can get to know each student. I provide individualized and customized college advice to each student. I regularly visit colleges, attend seminars, keep abreast of government regulations, and participate in professional development. This continuing education allows me to stay abreast of the ever-changing landscape of college admissions so I can pass on my insight to you. 

On average, we save families hundreds of hours of their time, their sanity, and $40,000 to $60,000 in college cost!  

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Less Stress

Even the most dedicated parents can feel overwhelmed. Today, there is conflicting information and little direction given at most high schools. I have developed the tools, products, and unique processes to guide you through this complicated and competitive process. Experience less stress and enjoy participating in your child's college search!

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Save Time and Money

College cost has risen more than five times the rate of inflation and increased 440% over the last twenty years. With low graduation rates and high transfer rates, a poor college match can cost you thousands of dollars. Make the right choice the first time. I have simplified the process, so your child does what works without extra steps and makes a sound decision.

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Proven Results

Afford the college dream without going broke! I will show you my proven strategies and insights that work! Maximize your child's chances of gaining a competitive edge in the college of his or her choice and significantly reduce the cost of college. 

"She got into all four schools she applied to, and received FULL RIDES at TWO of the Colleges."

-Ibbie Alexander
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Why choose Clark College Consulting? 

  • 24-7 access to a college planning tool and organizational tools. Students can explore colleges, register for tests, track applications, email their advisor and keep organized all from one place.
  • No travel time for meetings: While the majority of our students come from North and South Carolina, I have worked with students in almost all 50 states via telephone, Skype, and Zoom. Many of my clients that live down the street from my office prefer to meet virtually, and we have designed our business to give us the flexibility to work with you without leaving your home.
  • Personal coaching by a top college advisor. I help guide students and parents efficiently through the college planning process.
  • Organized and Stress-Free: Calendars, reports, and emails are used to help keep students on top of deadlines. I help students pace the process to ease the stress of the college application process. Students receive my book, "College Entrance Game Plan" for organizing their college process.
  • Distinguished Expertise: As an Amazon best-selling author of two college planning books and with over fourteen years of experience, I am committed to staying on the cutting edge of college counseling trends by visiting colleges and attending conferences. I am also a member of several professional organizations.

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