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uggling in one or more of your classes?

Time management, self-discipline, and better communication skills are regularly developed in homework. Vital life skills that will open the door to unique opportunities and help your child find success in their career. Doing regular homework should be considered an investment in your child’s future.

Are your work and child-related responsibilities overwhelming you?

Let Experts Lessen the Load 

After enrolling in our Fast Finish Homework for grades K-12, you will have more time with your family and focus on your daily life, work, and personal interests.

  • Small Group or one-to-one
  • One-hour sessions
  • Tutors available to assist during meetings

Stress-Free Homework...Yes, It Is Possible!

Time management is stressful enough without the emotional toll of worrying about your work, running a household, and your children’s education. We are here to help you juggle child care and other responsibilities as you venture into the unknowns of the school year by offering you tutoring and home-school support. Our experienced staff is ready to help today!

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  • Get their homework questions answered and guided by an experienced tutor.
  • Have adult supervision.
  • Feel more confident knowing they are completing their homework, not missing assignments, and improving their study skills.

The right tutoring can make all the difference. We’ll cover it all in Fast Finish Homework Assistance!


Fast Finish Homework Assistance 

Are You Ready For Stress-Free Assistance With Homework?

Fast Finish Homework will save you time, money, and sanity! Details of the program are below:

  • Meetings will be in small groups, one-hour sessions.
  • A tutor will be with them at all times.
  • Meeting days are Monday through Thursday during the academic school year, excluding scheduled closing dates.
  • Online only by Zoom. In-person meetings are not available at this time.
  • Students must have their class material, including their books, supplies, and assignments, ready at the beginning of each session.
  • We highly recommend you give us a copy of their class syllabi to leave on file to help them best.
  • Seating is limited so sign up early.
  • There is no limit to the number of sessions you can attend per month.
  • Parents will receive a weekly report on each student's progress if the Parent Support Add-On is purchased.
  • There is no additional fee for cancellations of any reserved help session.
  • Test prep is NOT covered in Fast Finish Homework Help.
  • If a student is enrolled in Fast Finish Homework, but the tutor feels more extensive, personalized help with a subject is needed, the student will be referred to an A+ccelerated Tutoring appointment available for purchase.
  • All Fast Finish Homework Assistance contracts are for the academic school year.
  • There are no service breaks for sports seasons or scheduled school closings.


Sounds confusing? Not sure where to Start?

That’s Normal. Let’s Overcome Any Challenge You Are Currently Facing Over a Call

Not sure If this Is the Right Fit for you?

Struggling in school but not sure what the issue is or which services you need? Then, make an appointment for an Academic Evaluation. Our staff will meet with you on a fact-finding mission to try to help solve the mystery as to why you are struggling in school. We will then make a recommendation on how we can help. This complimentary consultation is an excellent option for families who don't know where to start helping their students!

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Fast Finish Homework

School Year Rate


1 student per month for entire school year


Month to Month Rate


Monthly Rate per Student


Fast Finish Homework is only $199/month/student with an auto-pay agreement for the school year or purchases a one-month non-recurring pass for $249. Additional add-on of $99/month/student for Parent Support.