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"Many students can improve on average 150 to 200 points on the SAT and three to five points on the ACT with hard work and tutoring." - Lisa Bleich, president of College Bound Mentor.

Implement the proven tools and techniques that our successful students have used for two decades


Choose The Test Prep Program That Works Best For Your Teen

Cutting-edge tools and instruction that supercharge SAT and ACT scores

  • Options for every student: Private tutoring or online self-paced video lessons. 
  • For the teens that want personal attention, we have one-to-one tutoring, Step-Up SAT/ACT Tutoring.
  • For independent teens who like working on their computers and have no free time, we have the #1 online test-prep program in the US for a discounted price.

In The Next Few Months, You Could…

  • You can almost effortlessly excel in your SAT scores by more than 250 points
  • ACT scores will jump by 3+ points
  • Create confidence through a massive amount of active knowledge

The right tutoring and test prep can make all the difference. We’ll cover it all in SAT/ACT Test Prep.

A high ACT or SAT score will influence the likelihood of being admitted to your chosen academic institution and receiving merit scholarships. Let's get started today!


SAT/ACT Step-Up Test Prep 

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Your Teen Will Be Grateful!

Enroll in our audience-favorite program that ensures undivided child attention and personalized progress

This 3-week one-to-one tutoring Bootcamp will teach your teen everything they need to know to increase their score and feel more confident taking the tests. You'll receive:

  • Daily one-hour tutoring sessions
  • Five days a week, covering all subjects
  • Three weeks before the tests
  • Not only practice answering the questions right but the timing as well.
  • Weekly progress reports to parents.
  • Tutoring can be in-person or virtual.

Through a subtle but powerful shift in confidence, your child will acquire high scores in no time.

(YES!, even If the child is currently underperforming)


Prefer Online Classes?

Clark Consulting got you covered.



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What if you could help your teen ace their SATs and ACTs without leaving the comfort of home?

ePrep for the PSAT/SAT/ACT courses contains everything you’ll need to improve your skills and confidence quickly. Each ePrep course features engaging videos recorded by test prep experts. 

  • Beneficial for the teen with a hectic schedule. Practice for the test when they have time.
  • Available 24/7
  • Scheduler: helps you stay on track.
  • Timeline: easy-to-understand, visual display of everything you have accomplished so far.
  • Exam Room: access to full-length practice tests that you can take online or offline.
  • Quizzes: if you’re short on time but want to practice, take a quiz.
  • Study Hall: helps you remediate areas of weakness.
  • Score Guarantee
  • We negotiated a volume discounted price so that we can pass the savings on to you! 

Your teen can achieve significant and measurable success on a high-stakes test like the SAT or ACT. The methodology is simple: practice, grade, review, repeat.

Higher SAT and ACT scores are waiting for you

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