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Interview from Class of 2023


I would definitely recommend you to my friends and relatives. Your team is phenomenal, you are phenomenal! It was an amazing help because the process would have been very difficult without your help.

-Mason Hamilton




I would absolutely recommend you not only friends my age but their families too. What I like about Clark College Consulting is that you consulted the families and the students so that everyone knew about the facts of the school and that was really great in making the decision.

-Sophie Pflug




I would definitely recommend you to my friends and family. Because I know some of my friends have their college counselors as well and we would sit and write our essays together and I can say that the edits that I get were way more detailed than their getting. And I was able to fix my essays extremely well. And I also knew that if I have any questions or guidance, I am not scared to ask questions because I know you are there and made me feel that the advice I'm getting is good.

-Brooke Connelly




Working with Ryan helped me a lot in essay writing because all of the notes and essay drafts you send helped me with my essays and not only did they help me write those essays better but actually helped me understand how can I become a better writer.

-Avi Manik




I got academic aid from almost every school that accepted me. Some are not much but every school did give me. 

-Clayton Carroll


Student Spotlight


I Learn from a college sophomore:

Sally Deitchman

Mercer University



"In the fall I will be attending Wake Forest, where I will be receiving over $200,000 off the cost of attendance..."

-Hannah Witner, Wake Forest University


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Every State University gave me scholarships but the one I can remember is $5,000 a year from Wilmington University...

-Zoe West


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Parents to Hannah Gorski


His experience in the world of the "business" of college was eye-opening to us. He helped bring a sense of calm to the chaos of testing, re-testing, scoring, building a resume, getting a job, internships, leadership roles, teacher references, essays, applications, and financial aid.

More importantly, Ryan gave Hannah the time, and respect, to talk with her in their monthly 1-hour meetings. This allowed her to develop her voice and find the confidence to make decisions for her future and make those decisions with us, not against us or for us. She learned firsthand how to communicate maturely for recruiting interviews and how to receive constructive criticism on her test-taking and her essays. (It's easier to have that come from a trusted professional versus from her parents.)

In our opinion, Ryan offers the perfect combination of experience, intelligence, patience, and candor to teach parents the things they want to know about college (finances, distance, safety, and educational success) and students what they need to learn (everything!) as they consider all the options for this next phase in their life.


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