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Parents, just like their teens, experience a roller coaster during the college application process – a confusing and overwhelming journey.

If you desire to support your teen's college dreams but feel lost at sea, we're here to guide you seamlessly.

Discover the benefits:

  • Professional expertise
  • A supportive community

Don't navigate this alone.

Introducing the CostSavvy Parent's Academy: 



"What an amazing freshman experience. He was successful academically, established new friendships, and connected with professors...he loved college. Bob and I wanted to thank you for your role in making this come true. We will be forever grateful!"

-Michelle Sebastian

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Introducing the CostSavy Parent Academy – your exclusive network for parents dedicated to guiding and empowering teenagers through the intricate college admissions process.

This community is your platform for shared insights, best practices, and experiences as you navigate the complexities of preparing your teens for higher education.

Access a wealth of resources to enhance your guidance. From expert advice to practical tips, we've got you covered.

Foster collaboration, share successes and receive encouragement from fellow parents. Together, we're dedicated to helping our teenagers achieve academic aspirations and fostering personal growth, resilience, and confidence.

Join CostSavy Parent Academy today – where your journey to college success begins!

Personalized Game Plans

Customized guidance and strategies for each family's unique circumstances and goals, helping them create a tailored roadmap for their teen's college admissions process.

Live Trainings

Regular webinars featuring industry experts discussing the latest trends, best practices, and insider tips in the college admissions process.

Peer Networking

The chance to connect with other parents who are facing similar challenges and collaborate on ideas and strategies for a successful college admissions experience.

Expert Consultations

Access to experienced college admissions counselors or consultants who can provide one-on-one advice and insights on college selection, application preparation, and interview techniques.

Financial Planning Guidance

Information on college costs, financial aid options, and scholarship opportunities, as well as advice on budgeting and savings strategies.

Timely Updates

Regular updates on college admissions news, policy changes, and application trends to keep parents informed.

And because I am dedicated to helping you and your children succeed, I am thrilled to offer my two online courses as a special bonus for this wonderful parent community.

Your College Planning Blueprint

Step-by-Step Guide to the 12 Most Important Steps For Selecting, Applying and Reducing the Cost of College


The Foundation:  Your guide on how to guarantee that your teen will graduate from college without breaking the bank, plot your college admissions goals and steps on finding your yearly college affordability budget.

✅ The Strategy: This is one of the most important things you need to understand how to play the college aid game! You will find the strategies to reduce the cost of college and tack back the control form the colleges and universities!

✅ Strategy Implementation: Creating Your College List: I will give you specific instructions on how to narrow your college list with assessment and plan

 After Acceptance Letters: This will help you decode your financial aid award letters and how to appeal to get more college aid.

The Dream College Blueprint 

Do-it-yourself online course


Grade Specific Timelines: You will receive the "Big Picture," "Crucial College Checklist" and "Monthly Motivations and Grade Specific Timelines" to keep you on track!

✅ College Search & Selection: I will give you specific instructions on how to narrow your college list based upon social, academic, and financial fit that will save you thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of dollars!

✅ Student Career Assessment: I have included a student career assessment in this program to help reduce the chance of this happening.

 Scholarships, Merit Aid, & Tuition Discounts: Let me show you how and the resources to help you narrow your search.

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  • Monthly Community Session
  • Comprehensive College Selection Guidance
  • Scholarship and Financial Aid Strategies
  • Expert Application Assistance
  • Ongoing Support and Community Engagement
  • And many more!
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Why Join The CostSavvy Parent Community?

Navigating the college admissions process can be overwhelming, especially when:

  • Expertise is Lacking: You may not have all the expertise needed to navigate this complex journey.

  • Information Overload: The abundance of information and requirements can be daunting, leaving you feeling lost.

  • Emotional Challenges: The emotional toll of the college admissions process can be challenging for you and your teen.

  • Financial Burden: Figuring out college costs, financial aid, and scholarships can be a significant financial burden.

  • Stressful Timelines: Keeping track of application deadlines and managing timelines can become a source of stress.

  • Policy Changes: Evolving admission requirements and policies can catch you off guard.

Joining Our Community Ensures:

Expert Guidance: Access the expertise needed to navigate the admissions process confidently.

🔍 Simplified Information: We simplify the process, providing clarity amid the information overload.

🤝 Emotional Support: Find a community that understands and supports you through the emotional journey.

💰 Financial Solutions: Get assistance in managing costs, understanding financial aid, and discovering scholarships.

📆 Stress-Free Timelines: We help you stay organized and on top of application deadlines.

🔄 Adaptation to Changes: Stay informed about evolving admission requirements and policy changes.

Join the CostSavy Parent Community today and turn these challenges into opportunities for your teen's success!

Is The Parent Community Right For You?

 🔍 Expert Guidance: Access experienced experts providing guidance and answering your questions.

🚀 Streamlined Information: Our community simplifies information, offering clear, actionable advice for a more manageable process.

📝 Application and Essay Review: Receive expert feedback on applications and essays to enhance their quality.

💰 Financial Planning Assistance: Get support in making informed decisions about affordability through our financial planning assistance.

📅 Personalized Game Plans: Stay on top of deadlines with personalized game plans, creating efficient timelines for success.

🔄 Timely Updates: Receive timely updates and stay informed about changes in the admissions landscape.

  • Join the Parent Community today and empower your journey through the college admissions process!

"I just wanted to drop you a message of gratitude and thanks. Your assistance with both of our children has been invaluable. Because of your expert advice and counsel, we have saved countless thousands of dollars in tuition and expenses while opening up opportunities for both children that would not have been possible otherwise. Thank you!!!"

-Chip Tanner

Monthly Membership


Lock into our 50% off price for a limited time

  • Monthly Community Session
  • Comprehensive College Selection Guidance
  • Scholarship and Financial Aid Strategies
  • Expert Application Assistance
  • Ongoing Support and Community Engagement
  • And many more!
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