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Independent Educational Consultant, Ryan Clark, High School Advisor

Independent Educational Consultant, Ryan Clark, is your perfect high school advisor.

Ryan, who lives in Charlotte, NC, is recognized as a college planning expert, consultant, best-selling author, and speaker.  He has over 17 years of experience, high client ratings, and is a member of many professional organizations.  Ryan currently sits on the NCAG Advisory Board, is a Certified College Planning Specialist, and holds an MBA. He spearheaded virtual admissions coaching over a decade ago and built his business around it.

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The New Age of College Admissions & Financial Aid ​​​​​​​(Coronavirus Implications)

The Superhero of College Planning™ Speaks… I will calm the frayed nerves of high school students, moms, and dads by showing you how to make something extraordinary out of these strange circumstances. I will discuss the latest information regarding admission, testing, grading, financial aid, extra-curricular activities, and deadlines. I will also review the resources you can use today to help you with your college planning while being quarantined! I will be bringing my passion, knowledge, and over sixteen years of experience helping students get into their first-choice college for less than they dreamed possible.

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Six Steps to Writing Your College Applications Essays

6 Easy Steps to Writing Your College Application Essays

This is the most time-consuming part of college applications. Find your strengths and personality with this handy worksheet to help you get to the point and write your essays.

The College Fair Checklist

The College Fair Checklist

Help students exercise their power of choice, don't waste time, and gain valuable information at a virtual or in-person college fair.  Much like a campus visit, to get the most from the college fair, it is wise to plan!

High School Academic Planning

The Academic Planner for
High School

Get the roadmap to success worksheet.  This is your four-year high school academic plan!  Plan out your four years of high school knowing the coursework requirements of most colleges.


Thousands of Families Have Trusted Clark College Consulting

In fact, last year, Ryan helped over 60 seniors get accepted into some of the finest institutions of higher learning, and they received over $5 million in scholarships and grants! On average, I save families hundreds of hours of their time, their sanity, and $40,000 to $60,000 in college cost!  

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Financial Matters: Money for College

Financial Matters:
Money for College

College can be expensive, but there is aid available to help you and your family pay for college. Get to know the major sources of financial aid for college.

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Making Sense of College Rankings

Making Sense of College Rankings

Although this article is directed at students in the initial stages of their college search, it will also help seniors make their final college choice.

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11 Pages to Research When Taking a Deep Dive Into a College Website

11 Pages to Research When Taking a Deep Dive Into a College Website

Everything about college research has changed, the college website is now the primary focus of that research.

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Ryan Clark is recognized as a College Planning Expert Worldwide

As an Amazon Best-Selling Author, Ryan is Recognized as a College Planning Expert Worldwide

He is frequently interviewed on the radio, published in newspapers, magazines, and online, including CBS Money Watch, The Business Insider, and MarketEDU.com. Below are just a few of his affiliations and credentials:

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Ryan Clark is an Amazon Best Selling Author
Ryan Clark is a Certified College Funding Specialists
Ryan Clark is a member of the Higher Education Consultants Association
Clark College Consulting gets Google Five Star Reviews
Ryan Clark is a member of the National College Advocacy Group

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Five Easy College Scholarship Tips, Tricks, and Shortcuts That Can Make You 65% More Likely to Receive Money!

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