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10 College Extracurriculars That Will Surely Stand Out on a Resume

club sports college life extracurricular activities research tutoring Jul 22, 2022

How important are extracurricular activities for college anyway? Does your future employer care about whether you were a notetaker for students with physical or learning disabilities, president of the student union, or the football team's mascot?  100% yes. Are there activities that look better on your resume than others? Again, 100% yes. 

We’ve got ten skill-cultivating extracurriculars that will be a massive spotlight on your resume, shining on many of the skills employers can’t teach. Find out how important these are to your post-graduate career and which activities can make your resume rise to the top. Sign up for these extracurricular activities at your college.


Greek Life

Fraternities and sororities are built-in resume boosters because of the skills you’ll learn from networking, leadership, to time management. Joining a Greek organization with members who land positions at top companies, have excelled in areas such as entrepreneurship,  or hold other leadership positions is invaluable. Mentioning those Greek letters on your resume can get you a seat at the table those outside the organization could miss. 

If brothers and sisters graduate before you and land jobs where you’d like to be, their references can also assist you. Participating in any of the other activities we will discuss makes your resume even more enticing.


School Paper or Other Major Related Activities

If you’re a Journalism or English major, this will be priceless on your resume. Don’t forget to mention if you landed a front-page story or three. This shows you have the writing skills and experience to go along with your degree. 
Associate yourself with as many other writing publications as possible. Sometimes local community papers are delivered to your university, and they are always looking for student contributors. Keep track of your clips and store them in a digital portfolio like


Research Assistant 

Work-study jobs like research assistants and other unique opportunities present themselves in college. These can lead to subsequent roles like teacher's assistant or even textbook editor. Working and studying show your ability to manage your time, stay organized, and still get the grades.



If there is a subject you excel in with your eyes closed, become a student tutor. You’ll be an invaluable asset to your classmates, and you’ll show employers that you’re not afraid to help others become successful because it takes nothing from you. Assisting others indicates you know how to serve, and you can lead in a way that others understand. The ability to break down information into manageable chunks demonstrates your capacity to explain complex concepts and materials, especially if you’re tutoring a subject most people have to work at.


Note-Taker or Other Volunteer Work

A commitment to service and volunteerism indicates that you know how to show up for those who need you. A note-taker has to be dependable, on time, and focused. This level of service to others shows your ability to connect with your community. This volunteer ethic is beneficial if you aim to work in the nonprofit sector.


Resident Advisor (RA)

Being an RA cultivates problem-solving skills, peer support, critical thinking, and community development. Usually, there is an RA for each floor of the dorm building, and the health of that dorm is your responsibility. So you’re responsible for room assignments, dorm events, and being available as needed, like when students bring alcohol into a dry dorm (no alcohol), or students aren’t getting along with their roommates who blast their music at 2 AM when everyone is trying to sleep.


Orientation Leader 

Introducing prospective students to your campus teaches you leadership, strategy, public speaking, and how to connect with diverse groups of people. This skill is best cultivated in practice. You’re usually the first person these students will meet, and you set the tone for the experience they can expect to have if they attend your university. You may also be the reason someone says yes to their acceptance letter.


Honor Society 

Honor Society is a respectable part of the college experience. They are selective, prestigious, and invite-only based on academic excellence. Joining an honor society further aligns you with a vast network of contacts that can support future professional endeavors. They also provide career resources, leadership development, scholarship opportunities, and direct recruitment for well-known employers. Learn more about Honor Society here.


Start a Club

If your school doesn't have the club or activity you want, start it. Striking out on your own shows employers' boldness, fearlessness, and initiative. You’re not afraid to put yourself out there, share your ideas, and lay a path where there isn’t one. It shows you’ve got your ear to the campus streets and you’re willing to create something of benefit to the broader student body.


Student Union

If you can be in a leadership position in your student union, that’s even better. Some schools have multicultural branches of their main student union, such as Black Student Union, Asian Student Union, Caribbean Student Association, Nepali Student Association, etc. Student Union members take on many responsibilities, like creating equitable opportunities for students, promoting personal pride and identity, upkeeping historical traditions, and personal development. They also encourage inclusivity by creating campus-wide events and community events that instill a spirit of advocacy, education, social justice, and empowerment. Student unions resource the student body and surrounding communities with relevant materials and community-building tools. 

Having your hand in these activities shows dedication and deep engagement. 

And when you’re tempted to forgo student engagement and question,” how important are extracurricular activities for college” again, recall this list and think about your future. 

A future our independent educational consultant services can guide with now, before making costly mistakes. We can outline the best ways to get engaged on your college campus ahead of time. We’ll also show you how to list your resume-boosting extracurricular activities for internship opportunities and your post-graduate job hunt.  Book your free consultation today to learn more about how we can help you get college-ready.


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