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12 Rule That Help Parents Avoid College Planning Stress

Jul 16, 2021
The 12 rules that help parents avoid the stress of college planning and reduce the pressure on their child:
Rule #1 - I will encourage, listen to, and help my child through this stressful time.
Rule #2 - I will help facilitate college visits, and I will help keep track of all the application and financial aid deadlines.
Rule #3- I will listen to the opinions of other parents, but I will let my child make up their own opinion about their college choices.
Rule #4 - I know my child's self-worth does not revolve around the college they attend.
Rule #5 - I recognize that my first instinct is to keep my child close to home and protect him from their mistakes.
Rule #6 - I will control this "nesting" instinct and not allow my anxiety over my child moving into young adulthood to limit my child's college search or selection.
Rule #7 - I will only make educated suggestions to my child and not dictate the college search.
Rule #8 - I know this will be a very stressful time for my child and me, but I will try to reduce stress by being proactive.
Rule #9 - I will face the financial reality of helping pay for my child's college education and not allow them to take the burden solely on their shoulders.
Rule #10 - I will speak honestly to my child about how the cost of college will help determine the final college selection.
Rule #11 - I will find a variety of suitable schools for my child and are affordable for me.
Rule #12 - I will use my calculator and my heart when we make the final college selection.
These rules help all families keep grounded and ensure the college planning process is not overwhelming.
What rules help you stay on track in this area of yo

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