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Public health degree

Majoring in Public Health

career college consultant college course college decision college degree Jul 30, 2022

According to College Factual, public health was the 27th most popular major in the US during the 2019-2020 school year. It’s easy to see why this major has become so popular recently; public health majors work to protect and advance healthcare initiatives locally and globally. These students go on to do meaningful work for nonprofits, government agencies, healthcare facilities, and more. Are you considering getting a degree in public health? Keep reading to learn about the major requirements for public health degrees, potential career paths, and more.

Requirements for Getting a Public Health Degree

Students interested in public health should be passionate about helping others and improving health and safety standards globally. Strong interpersonal skills and communication are also essential, as public health professionals must be comfortable and confident when working and sharing information with community leaders, politicians, and the general public.
Public health degree applicants must have a high school diploma or GED. Many schools also have GPA and SAT or ACT score minimums for potential applicants. Working with college consultants can help you prepare for the application process.

What You’ll Learn with This Major

As a public health major, you can expect to take classes that focus on biology, statistics, calculus, epidemiology, and health policy. Core major requirements often include introductory courses covering topics like the US public health system, data analytics, and health promotion. Some programs also offer electives on subjects like environmental health and sociology. Students may also be required to write a thesis, do a research project, or complete an internship.

Additionally, students will also learn essential skills that will prepare them to join the workforce. Some of these core competencies include:

  • Communication
  • Leadership
  • Problem-solving
  • Policy planning and development
  • Cultural competency

Career Paths and Salaries for Public Health Majors

There is a broad range of career paths open to public health majors. Graduates can find work as health educators, researchers, community health workers, consultants, administrators, and more. Many students with degrees in public health go on to obtain Master’s Degrees, which can open up even more career opportunities. Some public health majors choose to attend law school to work in public health law or go to medical school to become doctors (provided they meet the pre-med major requirements).

Here are some of the most common occupations for public health majors and their 2021 median salary per the US Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Is Majoring in Public Health Right for You?

Public health is an indispensable field that can create a positive impact around the world. These professionals are passionate about expanding access to essential health services, reducing the spread of disease, and providing widespread education on important healthcare topics. If this sounds like you, majoring in public health may be a perfect choice.

Many public health majors continue their education after obtaining an Associate’s and Bachelor’s degree. Before choosing this major, students should consider whether they’d like to complete a master’s program and how this choice will impact their career outlook.

Do you dream of working in public health? Contact us at Clark College Consulting to learn about our college consulting services and how we can help you begin your public health career on the right foot.


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