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It's All About You - Summer Questionnaire

Jun 27, 2019

It’s all about you! 

This summer start thinking about what you like, and what is important to you.  Summer is a good time to do as much preparing for next year as you can.  Here is an activity you can do with your friends.  It is fun to compare notes and learn about each other. 

Think about the following questions.  What are?… 

  • 2 things in your room important to you? 
  • 2 songs you like? 
  • 2 words your friends would use to describe you? 
  • 2 words you would use to describe yourself? 

Let’s take it a bit deeper.  What are?… 

  • 2 feelings you have about going to college? 
  • 2 things you want from a college? 
  • 2 colleges you know about and like? 

What did you learn about yourself? 

Did your friend’s answers surprise you?  What did you learn about your friends? What did you learn about yourself?  

Take Action 

Take the Getting To Know You survey in GuidedPath.  The top menu of GuidedPath maps to the overall college process and Surveys is the first stop. Select the “Getting 2 Know U” survey and record your thoughts about the questions above and more.

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