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Reject the Rejection Letter

college acceptance letters rejection letters Mar 21, 2019

Getting a rejection letter from a college can be a painful blow.  Especially this year with a college admissions scandal in every major newspaper, it may seem that the process is rigged or unfair to the core.  You may wonder, “Why was I not accepted? What else could I have done?”  

The answer – nothing.  College admission is competitive, and some rejections are part of the process.  Although the recent exposure of an admissions scandal has shocked the country, at its heart the college admissions process is made up of individuals who care deeply about students and the universities they represent.  You put your best foot forward with your application, and admission officers have done their best job to choose a class that fills the needs of the college.  Unfortunately, not everyone who applies will be accepted, but that doesn’t mean that your application wasn’t given a thorough review.   

You can call the college to ask for more information.  They may be able to shed some light on your decision – how many applications did they receive, how many were accepted, what was the profile of the students who were admitted, etc.  Although it’s not likely to change your decision, sometimes understanding the facts can help soften the blow.     

Additionally, writing a “Reject the Rejection” note for yourself can be an excellent way to tame your inner thoughts.  This is for your eyes only – do not send this letter anywhere.  Refer back to it as needed for your own self-esteem boost.  Here’s a sample to get you started:  

I was shocked when I received the rejection letter from [xxxx college].  Then I realized I’ll be happier attending [yyyy – college you plan to attend].  

I know [xxxx college] receives more applications from qualified students than they can admit.  Unfortunately for you, you did not recognize the reasons I will be a successful freshman like…  




It’s too bad for [xxxx colllege] that you won’t have me as a student.  But I’m happy I’ve been admitted to [yyyy] because…   




can’t wait to get started there.  

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