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8 College Amenities Students Should Take Advantage Of

amenities college university facilities Mar 04, 2023

College is an amazing experience for young adults, transformative and rewarding in a way few other experiences can match. It can also be expensive and overwhelming, which may be intimidating to new students or create struggles for existing students trying to push through to success. While college is life-changing, many students struggle more than they have to because they aren't taking full advantage of the amenities available.


From a free gym membership for students to various college campus amenities, students have an array of options available to help them make the most of their college experience. Even taking advantage of a college admissions consultant like Clark College Consulting, an independent educational consultant can mean the difference between feeling overwhelmed and feeling in control of your journey through higher education.


Many college amenities named here are free or otherwise readily available to students in all financial and educational situations. We recommend that families review these amenities and develop a plan with the help of a college admissions consultant, empowering students to tackle the challenges of college life on their own terms.

Tutoring Programs

No one ever said that education would be easy. Certain classes can push even the most diligent students to their limits, and responsibilities outside the classroom can add to the mounting sense of pressure and urgency. While overwhelmed students can seek additional help from their instructors or fellow students, sometimes the need goes beyond that, and a tutor can make all the difference. Many college campuses have tutoring programs available to students struggling with specific subjects.


When you talk to your college admissions consultant, ask them about the availability of tutors for students needing to qualify for college admission, as well.

Gym Membership

Many college programs offer a free gym membership for students, which is incredibly helpful even for students pursuing more scholarly fields. Most people don't get enough exercise, although studies show that regular exercise can reduce stress, improve mood levels, and increase rest quality, in turn helping college students. College students often experience heightened levels of stress and exhaustion, making a free gym membership an invaluable asset. Sometimes, colleges offer gym facilities directly on-campus for students or free membership programs based on partnerships with gyms in the local area.

College Library

Libraries are excellent resources for students at all educational levels, but college libraries offer an on-campus facility with a great study atmosphere and additional references right at hand. Most college libraries have free wi-fi and allow access to library computers and printers so students can always feel prepared for their current workload. The quiet atmosphere of libraries is conducive to studying, and students can ask questions of library staff or undergo tutoring in the facilities.

Free Student Transportation

At some colleges, students can enjoy free or discounted public transportation options using their student IDs. While this doesn't necessarily include every form of public transportation available in the city, it offers a cost-saving measure for students who need additional transportation or want to adopt a more eco-friendly approach to transit. It can even help out in a pinch when car troubles strike!

Career Counseling Services

Students attend college to learn skills and build pathways to their ideal careers. Even with a clear goal in mind, it's a long road full of challenges. Many colleges offer internships and full or part-time work in career-related fields. Potential employers work with campus staff to hire and train students, giving them a glimpse of the career toward which they're working.


Career Services also offer guides in the form of independent educational consultants that help students settle on a major or narrow down their career paths. With a comprehensive approach, Career Services support students in constructing their portfolios and resumes, mock interviews, and holding job fairs where students can experience a taste of life in their chosen fields.


On most campuses, Career Services offer an abundance of resources for students, whether they're trying to discover what career path appeals to them or they want a deeper look at the kinds of jobs they can find in their desired field.


Many colleges book one-time guests and event speakers. Students are invited and encouraged to attend these events. These events may include seminars speaking on relevant topics or providing yet more resources for enterprising students, or providing entertainment, academic lectures, or a chance to dip into the local government scene. The types of events and guests that appear at colleges may differ based on season, location, and availability, but college faculty will announce upcoming acts ahead of time. Students should check college newsletters and pay attention to bulletin boards to remain informed about potential events like guest speakers, political figures, debates, and more.


Workshops are an excellent way for students to broaden their skills and knowledge. While they don't directly impact a student's GPA, workshops provide a hands-on example of the subjects students are learning in their curriculums with a more intense focus. Some workshops are single-time events, while others are in the form of short courses, giving students a new perspective on valuable skills or habits that will benefit their careers through college and beyond.

Student Discounts

Perhaps the single most important college benefit isn't limited to campus: student discounts. Active student status provides discounts at many major retailers and local businesses; students are encouraged to ask at their college facility about known discount locations and which online retailers and marketplaces offer discounts on subscriptions, sale items, and more.

Use Every Tool at Your Disposal

College campus amenities and services are resources available to all students, even if many do not make full use of them. We encourage students to ask their college admissions consultant about the potential benefits at their disposal and to make the most of them. College is all about education, and for any student, learning what tools are available to them and how they can help lighten the burden can make their experience more fulfilling. College planning is involved but rewarding, and every student deserves the opportunity to succeed.


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