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Majoring in Journalism

changing major college major college match selecting a college major Aug 26, 2022

Journalists are writers who strive to provide unbiased, candid information and news through varying media communications outlets. These writers seek to communicate information through radio, magazines, and television. As the digital age of media and technology is becoming more advanced, consumers of media can expect to see the ongoing rise of digital platforms. 

Clark College Consulting offers personal college admissions consulting services for students who need additional college planning services. We have helped students all throughout the U.S. with admissions essays, academic planning, and financial aid resources. Although choosing a major is not permanent, the decision can still be stressful for students. Students and parents can undergo college admissions consulting services to help expand their knowledge of the program. We do not write essays for students, but we are here to guide you on the right path.

The Journalism Major

The journalism major has evolved into an interactive, hands-on experience for students. The major may be separated tracks (specified study) of the communications department. Every major has a list of requirements, and journalism is no different. In order to find the best fit for you, college consulting services can help you expand your knowledge of the program. Students study how to report news, conduct interviews, and investigate the truth uncovered behind each story. Some areas of study include: 

  • Investigative Journalism - Research and analysis-based writing to discover the honest truth of a person, place, or thing
  • News Journalism - General reporting of facts, current events, and information
  • Feature Writing - Seeking new information while providing the information 
  • Columns - Opinion-based writing that seeks engagement and response from readers

What Journalism Majors Should Expect

Journalism majors can expect many particular subjects, major requirements, and areas of study to choose between. The primary focus is to hone skills such as interviewing, editing, and media production. Incoming students will have a required list of prerequisite courses before taking higher-level classes. A few examples of journalism prerequisite courses from Columbia Journalism School are:

  • Multimedia Storytelling
  • Video Newsroom
  • Investigative Projects
  • Feature Writing

After you choose the track of your choice, the required class list becomes less intense. Some courses are specific to a business journalism class instead of a multimedia one.

What Majoring in Journalism Can Do For You

Earning your bachelor's degree in journalism opens the door to the world of media. The skills that a journalist major acquires can easily translate into other careers. Since a big chunk of journalism is communication, students can also find jobs in public relations, marketing, media studies, and digital media. 

Many programs use internships as a major requirement before graduation in order for students to gain background knowledge of their preferred field. This experience can translate into a job offer after graduation as students leave with a portfolio and resume of training. 

College comes with its own set of obstacles. Planning does not need to be one of them. Whether you are a student or a parent of an incoming freshman, Clark College Consulting takes the stress out of planning. 

We have the tools and resources to guide students through the admissions process and keep them motivated. Our college admissions consultants are here to answer any questions you may have.


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