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Anxious to see your AP scores? Find Out When, Why, and How


The wait is over! AP tests come out this week. Scores come out by physical location. View the date and location schedule, and your scores, on the College Board schedule.


What is the AP exam score scale?

There is no “pass” or “fail” on the AP tests.  It’s important to understand the definitions of the AP scores.

5 = extremely well qualified | Many universities award college credit

4 = well qualified  | Some universities award college credit

3 = qualified   | Some universities award college credit

2 = possibly qualified   | No college credit awarded

1 = no recommendation   | No college credit awarded


What if I have other scores?

Go to www.apscore.org to view scores on tests you took in previous years.


What if I have other questions about my AP test scores?

Check out the College Board’s AP Student Top Questions page for answers to viewing and sending scores to...

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