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3 Tips to Building Teacher/Counselor Relationships While Home Learning

Uncategorized Apr 29, 2020

Hoping to get a great recommendation letter for your college or scholarship applications?  It’s hard to write a recommendation for someone you don’t know.  It’s especially important to have strong relationships with your teachers and counselor but it might seem difficult to cultivate those relationships in the era of “home learning”.  How can you reach out to your teachers?  Here are 3 tips to building good relationships no matter what your school situation is.   

  1. Show Up!   Get to know your teachers/counselor and give them opportunities to get to know you.  Be sure to show up for required class meetings (online or in-person) and also take advantage of “office hours” or other chances to interact with your teachers.    
  2. Speak Up!  Make your voice heard by asking questions during class or after hours by email.  Share thoughts and ideas, ask for clarification...
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Adopt Some New Strategies Regarding College Admission

Uncategorized Apr 23, 2020

People around the world are adapting to a new normal.  Businesses are reinventing themselves, restaurants are offering delivery and takeout options, television news and late-night shows are broadcasting from home, and colleges and schools across the US have adopted online learning formats.  Now that you may be settling into a different routine, it’s time to refocus your efforts and adopt some new strategies regarding college admission.   

Keep Your Grades Up 

Many colleges have announced that they will waive the SAT/ACT requirements for Fall 2021 applications.  Some are also discussing how to view junior year grades given the abrupt change to online learning and some schools adopting pass/fail grading.  Although it’s impossible to predict how every college will review their applications, maintaining a high GPA is the best advice.  Check in with your teachers, ask for help, focus on doing your best with what’s asked of...

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Know What You Want to Study In College

Uncategorized Apr 21, 2020

As “stay at home” orders continue on for many states, you may find yourself with some extra time on your hands.  Have you run out of puzzles, family game night getting old, have you reached the end of the internet?  Maybe it’s time to think about some of life’s big questions – like “what do you want to be when you grow up?”.  But before you start there, consider this advice from Jaime Casap.   

Jaime Casap is the Education Evangelist at Google.  He promotes the power of technology and the web as tools to transform education.  He’s also an author and sought-after speaker and he has some different ideas around choosing a career path.  He says the question of “What do you want to be?”  is the wrong question.  What do you want to be leads you to pick a job that exists now.  But things are changing rapidly – that job may not exist in the...

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College Essay Quarantined - Crush The Common Application Essay! 7 Tips.

essay Apr 11, 2020

College Application Essay Tips

  1. Note which colleges you are planning on applying to next year.
  2. Find out if the colleges use the common application, the coalition application, or their online school application. 
  3. What are the college essay expectations for each school on your list?  Are there any supplemental essays required in addition to the personal statement for each school on your list?
  4. Know how many are required and how many are "optional."
  5. Can you leverage or use the same essay for multiple colleges, especially the supplemental essays?
  6. Write down your Top 10 Qualities, Characteristics, or Strengths.
    i.e., Google "20 best characteristic traits" for suggestions to consider.
  7. Read the college Mission Statement and Motto to find words, phrases, or characteristics that the schools hold in high regard.  
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New Changes to the UNC-system Schools Admission Requirements

college admissions unc Apr 11, 2020

The UNC System Board of Governors approved new minimum admission plans that will go into effect this fall.  The relaxed standards will remain in place, starting with the class of 2021 and will stay through the high school graduating class of 2024.  The admissions plan will then revert to the previous standard.

University of North Carolina system spokesperson Jason Tyler explained the rationale behind the decision in a short interview with Campus Reform. "Choosing to begin these new admissions standards this fall is due to the coronavirus canceling the SAT and the ACT this spring," Tyler said.

"Many North Carolina, high school students, take their standardized testing for the first time in their junior year and then for the second time in the spring of their senior year. By taking this second test, they are able to improve their scores," Tyson added. "However, as the coronavirus canceled the SATs and ACTs for this spring, high school seniors are at a disadvantage."


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COVID-19 College Admissions Q & A

Uncategorized Apr 11, 2020

The ripple effects of COVID-19 are just starting to make their impacts.  It’s safe to say that the coronavirus has upended the college admission process for the coming year.  You probably have a lot of questions and colleges are just starting to make adjustments to their admission process for next year.  Here are some of the topics that students and colleges are grappling with:  

I was going to take the May SAT but it is canceled.  

CollegeBoard and ACT have been monitoring the pandemic in an attempt to provide students with options.  Currently, the June 6 SAT is still scheduled.  ACT has tests scheduled for June 13 (rescheduled from April) and July 18.  However, it’s true that you may only have one opportunity to take the test.  As a result, many colleges have announced they are going to be test-optional (at least for the 2020-2021 application year).  FairTest has a list of...

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Seniors: Decision Time – or is it?

college decision Apr 09, 2020

May 1 is traditionally National College Decision Day.  Typically, schools require that students choose where they will enroll by submitting an enrollment deposit on or before May 1.  That makes April – decision time.  Of course, this year things are feeling very different.  A large number of colleges have already extended their enrollment deadlines to June 1.  Making a college choice right now may feel difficult (or easy depending on where you were in the process).  Regardless, you might be asking yourself some of the questions below.     

Can I ask for an extension?  

Of course!  It doesn’t hurt to ask.  Although the college may still have a May 1 deadline, many have said they will make extensions on a case by case basis.  You could be waiting on a financial aid appeal, or for more information from one college that would affect your decision at another.  Make your case requesting an...

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Five School From Home Tips

online class Apr 02, 2020

Online classes or some modified version of schooling at home is the new reality for a large majority of students in the country.  The coronavirus pandemic has created huge education adjustment for everyone involved – students, parents, and teachers.  Many are now worried – especially juniors – about how this new version of school will impact your college admission prospects next year.   

Before you get ahead of yourself, start by thinking of how can you stay focused and productive today.  It’s important to maintain your junior year grades and to finish the year with strong learning gains.  Use these school-from-home tips to make the most of your time.     

  1. Maintain your morning routine – GET UP!  Sure, it’s tempting to sleep until noon but you’ll be far better off if you stick with a schedule similar to what you had in school.  Get up at the same time, get showered...
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Testing Updates

Uncategorized Mar 26, 2020

Coronavirus cancelations seem to be coming in from all directions – schools, weddings, concerts, even the Olympics have either been canceled or rescheduled.  The SAT and ACT are no exception.  It’s likely that your spring test schedule (along with your other schedules) looks very different now than it did a week ago.  With updates coming in on a rolling basis from testing organizations and colleges, it’s important to stay informed.  Check your email regularly, create a system for organizing important information, and stay in touch with your counselor.     

SAT Updates  

  • The May 2, 2020 SAT and SAT Subject Test administration has been canceled.  
  • The June 6, 2020 SAT and SAT Subject Test administration is still scheduled.  However, CollegeBoard will continue to assess health and safety recommendations and provide updates to registered students as soon as possible in case of...
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If your spring break plans included college visits, what should you do now?


The coronavirus has drastically altered life around the world, and while college admissions isn’t life and death, it’s safe to say that the admissions process has been upended.  Colleges around the country have canceled in person classes and most have adopted an online format for the remainder of the semester.  With that, it’s certain that spring college visits will be occurring in non-traditional ways.  So how can you get a feel for a college when the campus is closed?   

If your spring break plans included college visits, what should you do now?  It boils down to using your virtual resources.  

  • Virtual Tour – Many schools already have a virtual tour available.  In GuidedPath, you can find nearly 500 virtual tours through YouVisit on the college profile pages.  Other collections of online campus tours include YoUniversityTV or CampusTours.com.   
  • ...
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