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College Fairs


College fairs are a great place to start your college search!  So, what’s a college fair and what can you expect?   
Think “science fair” for colleges.  College fairs are events where colleges from around the country will gather to provide students with information.  College representatives (usually admission staff or college alumni) are available at tables to answer questions and distribute brochures or handouts about their college.  You might also be able to sign up to be on a college’s mailing/email list.  College fairs typically happen at your school (or a school nearby), or sometimes at a hotel, community center, or convention center.

To make the most of your college fair experience, here are some general do’s and don’ts.   


  • Make a plan!  Get a list of the colleges that will be at the event and decide which college tables you want to...
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What’s Your Learning Style?

Uncategorized Aug 01, 2019

 How do you like to learn? Do you like to talk to the teachers, raise your hand and stay after class? Or do you prefer to learn by being quiet, checking in with your friends, and blending in with your classmates? This reflects your learning style. Your learning style is an important thing to know about yourself as you do your college search. Which of the following Learning Style fits you?

Learning Style 1

Do you:

  • Raise your hand in class to answer questions?
  • Talk to the teacher after class or before class?
  • Sit in groups and discuss material you are learning?
  • Prefer working on assignments or projects with a large group of friends?
  • Like to lead discussions in class?

Learning Style 2

Do you:

  • Sit in the back of the class and listen to the instructor?
  • Feel more comfortable working on your own on class assignments?
  • Not like to be called upon in class to answer questions?
  • Like sharing thoughts one-one with a friend or the teacher, but not is a large group?
  • Prefer to turn...
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What are You Looking for in a College?

Uncategorized Jul 25, 2019

You may have already started to look at different colleges, but how do you compare them?  Here are five categories that you should consider when evaluating a college.  

  • General Information – Where is it located?  Is public or private?  How many students go to school here? 
  • Academic – What majors are offered?  Does the school offer the academic area you are interested in?  Undecided about your major – how will the school help you choose a program of study?  What other special academic programs does the school offer – honors, academic themed housing, study abroad, etc.?   
  • Admissions – How selective is the school?  (A lower the acceptance rate equals a more selective the school.)  What are the average ACT and SAT scores of admitted students?  What about the average GPA of admitted students?  Is it a weighted or...
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AP Scores and College Credit


AP scores will be available online at the beginning of July.  Scores are released over several days based on the state in which you tested.  View the date and location schedule, and your scores, on the College Board website.  

What is the AP exam score scale? 

There is no “pass” or “fail” on the AP tests.  It’s important to understand the definitions of the AP scores. 

5 = extremely well qualified | Many universities award college credit  

4 = well qualified | Some universities award college credit 

3 = qualified | Some universities award college credit 

2 = possibly qualified | No college credit awarded 

1 = no recommendation | No college credit awarded 

What if I have other scores? 

Go to www.apscore.org to view scores on tests you took in previous years. 

What if I have other...

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It's All About You - Summer Questionnaire

Uncategorized Jun 27, 2019

It’s all about you! 

This summer start thinking about what you like, and what is important to you.  Summer is a good time to do as much preparing for next year as you can.  Here is an activity you can do with your friends.  It is fun to compare notes and learn about each other. 

Think about the following questions.  What are?… 

  • 2 things in your room important to you? 
  • 2 songs you like? 
  • 2 words your friends would use to describe you? 
  • 2 words you would use to describe yourself? 

Let’s take it a bit deeper.  What are?… 

  • 2 feelings you have about going to college? 
  • 2 things you want from a college? 
  • 2 colleges you know about and like? 

What did you learn about yourself? 

Did your friend’s answers surprise you?  What did you learn about your friends? What did you learn about yourself?  

Take Action 


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It's Summer - How Do You See Yourself Next Year?

Uncategorized Jun 20, 2019

It’s officially summer now!  You may not want to think about school but now is a good time to reflect on this past year and set your goals for the upcoming school year.  

Look back at this past year: 

  • Are you happy with your grades?   
  • Did you enjoy your classes? 
  • Did you spend enough (or too much) time in extracurricular activities?  
  • Are there activities or classes you wish you could have taken? 
  • What one change will you make for school next year? 

Take Action 

Login to your GuidedPath account.  Do you have everything updated?  Update your profile.  Set yourself a TASK with all your goals for next year. 

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What color do you want your campus to be?


As you are researching colleges, you will hear comments about how one campus is “very liberal” or another is “conservative”, or another is “middle of the road”.  These are references to the political leanings of a college campus.  Is it red (conservative), blue (liberal), or somewhere in between?  How do you know? 

Here are some tips for exploring the political atmosphere on a college campus: 

  1. Check out the list of college clubs.  What kinds of clubs are available? 
  2. Look at the campus newspaper or campus news sites online?  What are the issues?  Are the issues balanced, or slanted more toward a liberal or conservative viewpoint? 
  3. Review the mission statement.  Does the college have core beliefs that favor one political perspective over another?  
  4. Check the school’s social media.  What is the Twitter and Facebook chatter covering? 
  5. ...
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Study Tips – Acing finals or AP tests

Uncategorized Apr 25, 2019

Are you worried about your upcoming finals or AP tests?  Reduce stress and ace your tests by using these study tips from a graduate student. 

  1. Find a study space that suits you.
    For students who need a bit of chaos while they work, coffee houses usually have the perfect amount of chatter and noise while also having private study nooks.  For students who want freedom from distraction, a room with the door closed and a white noise playing (like simplynoise.com) are ideal.  Study rooms in your school or public library also make great quiet spaces.  Be sure your surroundings are comfortable with you before settling in for studying.


  1. Enjoy your favorite snacks or drinks while you study.
    Cheese and crackers, granola bars, vegetables with dip, or peanut M&M’s are a great treat to keep you awake and focused through long study sessions.  Coffee, tea, or soda may sound like a good idea but...
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3 Tips to Building Amazing Teacher/Counselor Relationships

Uncategorized Apr 11, 2019

Hoping to get a great recommendation letter for college admission or a scholarship or even a summer program?  It’s hard to write a recommendation for someone you don’t know.  You need to have strong relationships with your teachers and counselor.  Here are 3 tips for building good relationships. 

  1. Face Time!  No – not that kind of FaceTime.  This face time is the time you spend in face-to-face contact with your teacher/counselor.  Make sure your counselor or teachers know you personally by being present and on time for class, appointments, or school activities.  Drop by the teacher’s room or your counselor’s office during lunch, breaks or after school.  Get to know your teachers/counselor and give them opportunities to get to know you. 
  2. Speak up!  Make your voice heard by asking questions in class.  Share thoughts...
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SAT Subject Tests in Spring

Uncategorized Apr 05, 2019

How do you know if you need to take College Board SAT Subject tests?  Some colleges require or strongly recommend that you submit subject test scores (often two tests in subjects related to the major you are interested in – i.e. Math and Science for Engineering majors).  Review the requirements of the colleges you are interested in.

You can take a Subject test at any time in your high school career but it makes sense to take SAT Subject tests right after you finish that course in school. Plan your tests based on your high school schedule. You can choose up to 3 subject tests to take on one day. Check the College Board website to learn more about what content each test covers.

Language Tests

Note there are more language tests offered in June.  Make your choices of test dates based on availability of tests. The May and June language tests do not include the “listening” component (this option is only available in November).

Take Action


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